Who We Are

Mountain Dreamers is a group of Mountain locals: Dreamers, DACA recipients, Immigrants, Non-immigrants and our Families & Friends. Our priority is supporting our Immigrant Community and their Families, and advocating for the rights guaranteed to them as U.S. residents under our Constitution. Our current focus is on our young Dreamers. These young people have been members of our community since, as children, they came with their parents to the U.S. without authorization. Most are undocumented still, and have no path to legal status. We believe they deserve to be full members of our Colorado mountain communities, our state, and our nation.


Our Initiatives

We are developing an Immigration Legal Defense Fund to provide mountain residents with legal representation in Colorado’s immigration courts.

We provide community events to educate and empower all members of our communities to stand up for the rights and needs of immigrant families in our Mountain region.

We are working to bring Family Leadership training to Summit County so all families can learn how to advocate for themselves and their communities through our civic processes.